The Fastest and Simplest Way to an Interactive Water Surface in Blender!

  • Create an ocean in Blender with just one click.
  • Fully animated.
  • 3 Ocean Presets for lovely, lively and stormy weather.
  • Intuitive tweaking of the major ocean and foam parameters.
  • Gorgeous Cycles material for realistic water and foam effects.
  • Make blender models float on the ocean surface or have them interact.
  • Make objects create waves and foam.

Setting Up an Ocean Scene by Hand with even a few Floating Objects is a Pain!

  • Avoid hours of fighting through the complex settings of the ocean modifier.
  • Stop setting up dozens of dynamic paint canvases.
  • No more getting lost in constraints, brush groups and auxiliary objects.
  • Save hours of material tree building before seeing the first foam.
  • Before giving up and considering water simulation....

Save time and buy the Advanced Ocean Modifier!

Quick Solution to Stunning Ocean Animations!

  • Ocean animation is preset and never needs to be touched again due to the extrapolated animation.
  • Choose the preset for the right ocean dynamic and tweak the scale and alignment settings.
  • Position objects supposed to float in the scene, select and press float.
  • Want an object to make only make foam and waves? Apply the "Static Objects" function and animate as usual.
  • Adjust the "Object Foam Fade" in order to adjust the amount of foam trail created.

Use the ocean as your canvas not as the project!

Download the Advanced Ocean Modifier

  • One-click access to a stunning ocean simulation in Blender.
  • Flexible Cycles material creates realistic water and foam.
  • 3 ocean presets for all weather conditions.
  • Intuitive tweaking of ocean and object parameters with simplified settings. No experience or knowledge of ocean simulation necessary.
  • Make things float and interact with the ocean with the "easy apply" function.
  • Free updates forever.
  • Get the Viking boat blend file as a free extra to the Advanced Ocean Modifier
  • 10% goes to the Blender Foundation
  • Example blend-files are free in the download section

The Advanced Ocean Modifier enables you to create a beautiful ocean image or animations in just a few clicks for just 35 €